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About MysteryPlease!

MP is devoted entirely to mystery novels. No reviews of romance, or science fiction, or classic literature, or any other genre here – unless the book somehow ties in to the mystery genre. Say, a biography of a mystery author or a book about writing mysteries. Occasionally, I’ll take a movie or TV show based on a mystery novel and compare it to the original work.

“But why only mysteries?” you ask. Because figuring out whodunit is so much fun. Because the thrill of tracking down clues is addictive. Because mystery itself has so many subgenres to explore that keep my busy: cozies, classics, crime, suspense…there’s just no time for anything else. And if you make me choose, it’s going to be mystery, please!

photo 3-12About Kate

I’m Kate –  administrative assistant by day, writer by night, and 24/7 fan of mysteries. I read a variety of mystery and suspense novels, from the Golden Age to Pulp to Cozy. I do not read a lot of books with excessive violence or gore. More Christie, less Patterson.