Rob Kaufman // The Perfect Ending

The Perfect Ending by Rob Kaufman book cover

Right now, all he required was a person or family with some sort of discord or dilemma and offer assistance pushing the lever—gently helping that kernel expand into something he could use as the primary plot.

Title: The Perfect Ending
Author:  Rob Kaufman
Publisher: Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), June 15, 2021
Format/Source: eBook, Publisher (ARC received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review)
ISBN: 9780578887760    

Our main character, thriller-suspense author Scott Atwood, is egocentric and haughty. He’s unmotivated. He’s promised to have a finished manuscript to his agent in two weeks, but he hasn’t even begun the manuscript in question because of a nasty case of writer’s block. In a panic, Scott decides the best option (following an attempt at ending it all by jumping in front of an oncoming train) is to unleash his inner Iago upon his unsuspecting neighbors and reap the inspiration he needs from the pain he sows. Panic in the neighborhood ensues.

It’s surprising how eagerly I read each page of this novel, despite the fact that Scott is not a person I empathized with at all. But the alternating POV chapters between Scott and his various victims kept the narrative humming right along, even when I intended to stop after “one more chapter”. The mind games, the dramatics, the simmering subplots…all of it pulled me in. I anticipated the big twist ending from the first chapter. Still, I was very satisfied with the final act. I knew what the end result would be, but not how it would play out. The Perfect Ending really has the perfect ending for this story. Highly recommended for anyone anxious to kill an afternoon with an entertaining thriller.