Kate White // Even If It Kills Her

I replaced the cover and was about to press it back into a locked position when I heard what I thought were footsteps, the scuff of shoes on gravel. I cocked my head toward the sidewall, trying to listen. Was someone out there? 


Title: Even If It Kills Her
Author:  Kate White
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks, October 31, 2017
Format/Source: ebook, Scribd
ISBN:  9780062448880  Series: Bailey Weggins


This most recent entry into the Bailey Weggins series is full of family secrets. It’s part of a series, but this could have easily been a stand-alone novel. No need to read the first six in order to enjoy this one. Even If It Kills Her reminds me of a good tv movie: A few inconsistencies in the writing and a lack of depth in the characters, but still a fun escape from the real world. I guessed whodunnit well before Bailey did, but the why had me stumped. Mainly, I suppose, because the solution to this mystery is slightly out there; not implausible, but not something I would have ever considered. I was more confused by the big twist near the end of the novel than I was shocked. This isn’t the most thrilling or suspenseful entry into the series, but it is entertaining. The suspects are aplenty and the mystery is baffling. Not a page turner, but not a mystery to be dismissed either.