Auralee Wallace // Haunted Hayride with Murder

I scanned the trees with my flashlight. “I think we’ve found our—Freddie? Where did you go?” I spun my flashlight around only to have it land on him perched atop a boulder at the side of the trail. “What are you doing? Get down from there.”


Title: Haunted Hayride with Murder
Author: Auralee Wallace
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, September 25, 2018
Format/Source: ebook, iBooks
ISBN:  9781250151506  Series: Otter Lake

It’s almost Halloween, and this year Erica and Freddie’s company, Otter Lake Security (hashtag OLS) is overseeing festivities at the Honeycutt Apple Orchard. Erica thinks it will be a fun gig. Why wouldn’t it be? There’s a haunted barn, a creepy corn maze, and Grandma Honeycutt’s heavenly apple crumble. The only drawback, really, is Freddie. Local legend claims the orchard woods are haunted by the Apple Witch, and Freddie is terrified he’ll run in to her. Their employee, Rhonda’s, insistence on “thirty-one days of horror” movie nights has only amplified his fears. But as long as Erica can talk Freddy down from the boulders, it should all be fine, right?

Then a boot is found, along with a decomposing foot, and even though Erica is insistent that she is not investigating the case, she so is.


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