Gretchen Archer // Double Deck The Halls

One of my great-granddaughters—I couldn’t tell them  apart for love nor money; I called them both Sugar—pulled  her halo off her head and was trying to put it on Davis’s.  Davis peeked around it. “Granny, Bianca’s not here yet.” 


Title: Double Deck The Halls
Author:  Gretchen Archer
Publisher: Henery Press, November 02, 2017
Format/Source: ebook, Scribd
ISBN: 9781635113129    Series: Davis Way


Granny Dee provides the hilarious voice for this holiday short. She’s visiting Davis at the Bellissimo Casino for Christmas (and planning to win big at the casino’s Winter Wonderland Senior Slot Tournament). Instead, she finds herself in a “pickle” when she goes searching for an elf and finds Bianca, the wife of the casino owner, tied up in a chair with a bomb in her lap. Double Deck The Halls is a sweet and delightful mystery story full of humor and heart. It’s the small details that make Archer’s characters so vivid, such as the twins saying “ho ho ho” every time someone says the word Santa or Granny Dee’s touching memories of her first husband, Quinton. Archer’s writing is energetic and the story moves along swiftly. If you are looking for a quick burst of holiday cheer this season, you can’t go wrong with this one.