Doris Miles Disney // Trick Or Treat

Only silence came from the inside the sheet. Two eyes stared at Edna through the holes cut for them; below was another hole for the mouth. Red Ridinghood called from the living room, “That’s a mighty quiet ghost you’ve got there, Edna. Scares me stiff.”

Title:  Trick Or Treat
Author:  Doris Miles Disney
Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc, 1955

An insurance investigator matches wits with a clever killer on a most unusual case. The victim, Edna Monroe, was killed by a ghost. She opened her door on Halloween night to hand out treats to a sheeted figure on her doorstep and was tricked in the worst way when the ghost pulled a gun from a paper bag and shot her dead, right there in her own hallway and right in the middle of the Halloween party she was hosting.

Her husband, Mike, has an airtight alibi; he was thousands of miles away in Texas. His secretary (and mistress), Linda Haines, can also account for her whereabouts at the time of poor Edna’s passing; she was out with some girls from work. But a $50,000 policy Mike had on Edna has the insurance company and their top claims adjuster, Jefferson DiMarco, asking questions. If neither the husband nor the mistress could have possibly done it, then who?

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