Book Reviews For Mystery Lovers

I scanned the trees with my flashlight. “I think we’ve found our—Freddie? Where did you go?” I spun my flashlight around only to have it land on him perched atop a boulder at the side of the trail. “What are you doing? Get down from there.”   Title: Haunted Hayride with Murder Author: Auralee Wallace Publisher: St. …

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Title:  Down the Aisle With Murder   Author:  Auralee Wallace Release Date: May 1, 2018     ISBN:  9781250151476 A murdered maid of honor causes complications for Erica Bloom when she is tasked with both standing in as the young woman’s replacement and solving the mystery before the bride and groom say “I do”.    

“Oh relax,” Freddie groaned. “I need a minute. Besides, I don’t think you killed anyone. The police would have nabbed you by now. It doesn’t look like we made a run for it. Plus…I think you’d be bloodier.”     Title: Ring In the Year with Murder Author:  Auralee Wallace Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, October 31, 2017 …

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