Booked                            Full reviews including all pertinent information about the book and my personal opinion of it.

Booked Vintage            Full reviews of older editions (any book more than 40 years old) in my personal library. Newer editions of the book may or may not exist.

Booked Briefs                Recommended books without the the plot summary or highlights.

Most Wanted                 A monthly round-up of books coming out that have peaked my interest, usually because of the book summary.

Holiday Reads              Books with a plot occurring around a specific holiday.

Mystery Extras             Random posts that cannot be pigeonholed into one of the above categories


I review mystery books in all formats. Reviews will include the format in which I reviewed the book and how it was received.


I have a large collection of crime and mystery novels from the 40s and 50s. Because of this, some of the books I review may be older editions or out-of-print editions. Publisher/publishing date/ISBN information provided in reviews will be for the edition I actually read. Earlier or later editions will not be referenced, unless they are important. Older and/or possibly harder to find editions will be categorized as “Booked Vintage” instead of “Booked” to make them easier to discern from reviews of recent and still widely available books.

Review Copies

I no longer accept review copies from publishers or authors. I began this blog as a way to share with others books I enjoyed reading. Books that I feel others might enjoy as well, but may not know about. I have discovered that I read more and relish writing for this blog substantially more when there is no publication deadline and/or expectation of a review hanging over my head.

Review Opinions

Any review I write regarding the book is honest. It doesn’t matter if I purchase it on my own or check it out from the public library or obtain it any other way; if I find things I don’t like in a book, my review will reflect that.

Other Genres

I review books in the mystery genre. Occasionally, I will review a non-fiction book if it relates significantly to the mystery genre, such as a biography on Craig Rice or a study of mystery novel heroines. I also read YA mysteries, but not many.


All reviews and posts on this site (unless noted as otherwise) and the MysteryPlease! imagery/logo are copyrighted and cannot be reprinted, altered, or used without the express and written consent of Kate W and MysteryPlease!. If you would like to reprint any of the reviews or posts on this site, please ask first. I’m not unreasonable, I just want a little control over where my content is used or displayed.

Please note, this copyright excludes the opening quote used in block text at the beginning of each book review, any other novel quotes used in the review, and any novel image used anywhere on this site. This specific content is copyright of the publisher and is used only for review purposes.

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