Book Reviews For Mystery Lovers

I replaced the cover and was about to press it back into a locked position when I heard what I thought were footsteps, the scuff of shoes on gravel. I cocked my head toward the sidewall, trying to listen. Was someone out there? 


Title: Even If It Kills Her
Author:  Kate White
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks, October 31, 2017
Format/Source: ebook, Scribd
ISBN:  9780062448880  Series: Bailey Weggins


This most recent entry into the Bailey Weggins series is full of family secrets. It’s part of a series, but this could have easily been a stand-alone novel. No need to read the first six in order to enjoy this one. Even If It Kills Her reminds me of a good tv movie: A few inconsistencies in the writing and a lack of depth in the characters, but still a fun escape from the real world. I guessed whodunnit well before Bailey did, but the why had me stumped. Mainly, I suppose, because the solution to this mystery is slightly out there; not implausible, but not something I would have ever considered. I was more confused by the big twist near the end of the novel than I was shocked. This isn’t the most thrilling or suspenseful entry into the series, but it is entertaining. The suspects are aplenty and the mystery is baffling. Not a page turner, but not a mystery to be dismissed either.





Yellow crime tape has already been stretched across the narrow street by the time I arrive. My colleagues, on bikes and in black and whites, are already there. Curious onlookers loiter before they are told to move on. In the middle of the alley, a couple of detectives are blocking the view of something on the ground, presumably the body.


Title: Murder on Bamboo Lane
Author: Naomi Hirahara
Publisher: Penguin Group, April 1, 2014
Format/Source: ebook, iBooks
ISBN:  9781101609453  Series: Ellie Rush

A Vietnamese girl goes missing and her body is later found in an alley on Bamboo Lane. Rookie bicycle cop Ellie Rush recognizes the girl, Jenny Nguyen, as someone she knew at college and feels compelled to track down Jenny’s killer.

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Fiona walked slowly into the middle of the room. The hair on the back of her neck felt cold. Suddenly she didn’t want to take pictures. She didn’t want to be here at all anymore. 


Title: The Broken Girls
Author:  Simone St. James
Publisher: Berkley, March 20, 2018
Format/Source: Hardcover, Bookstore
ISBN:  9780451476203   


Idlewild Hall, a home for troubled girls, shut its doors in 1979; in 2014, a renovation financed by an anonymous benefactor unearths the secrets surrounding the disappearance of an Idlewild student in 1950 and the discovery of a girl’s body on the property decades later.


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Title:  Down the Aisle With Murder   Author:  Auralee Wallace

Release Date: May 1, 2018     ISBN:  9781250151476

A murdered maid of honor causes complications for Erica Bloom when she is tasked with both standing in as the young woman’s replacement and solving the mystery before the bride and groom say “I do”.



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That darling old lady next door tenderly spraying her roses…has she just sponged blood from the badly beaten bullet-blasted body of her boarder?



Title:  45 Murderers 
Author:  Craig Rice
Publisher: Graphic Publishing Company, Inc, 1954


Prolific writer Craig Rice takes a break from writing mystery fiction to report on true crimes in America (up to 1952). 


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Title:  Lost Books and Old Bones  Author:  Paige Shelton

Release Date: April 3, 2018    ISBN: 9781250127792

When a medical student is murdered near her bookshop, bookseller Delaney Nichols investigates and discovers the student’s murder might be linked to the death of a doctor many years before.



Title:  Murder in the Locked Library   Author:  Ellery Adams

Release Date: April 24, 2018     ISBN: 9781496715630

Unusual bones and the remains of a very old book are found when a construction crew breaks ground at the spot for Storyton Hall’s new spa.
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“Where do we go from here, sir?” 

“That you may well ask, Crosby.” Sloan was irritable and preoccupied as they  walked away from Boundary Cottage. “All we’ve got so far is a girl who isn’t who she thinks she is, the body of a woman who probably wasn’t what she said she was and two photographs.”


Title: Henrietta Who? 
Author:  Catherine Aird
Publisher: Open Road Media, May 5, 2015 (Reissue)
Format/Source: eBook, Scribd
ISBN:  B07B6DLY54  Series: Inspector Sloan


At first glance, the death of Grace Jenkins seems like a tragic hit-and-run accident. Larking is a quiet English village…what more could it have been? But something is off about the case, and Inspector Sloan from the Berebury Police Station is called to the village to investigate. Soon, the woman’s daughter, Henrietta, arrives to identify the body and the medical examiner reveals that Grace Jenkins could not possibly be her mother—the autopsy has revealed Grace Jenkins never gave birth to a child. Baffled by this turn of events, Sloan searches for the answer to two questions: Why did Grace Jenkins lie about Henrietta’s lineage? And who killed her to keep the truth buried?


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