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  • New Mysteries – March 2017

    Title:  Pressed to Death    Author:  Kirsten Weiss Release Date: March 08, 2017     ISBN: 9780738750316 Maddie gets mixed-up in murder when she purchases a haunted grape press for the Paranormal Museum.  

  • New Mysteries – February 2017

    Title:  A Cast of Vultures   Author:  Judith Flanders Release Date: February 21, 2017     ISBN: 9781250087829 Sam Clair starts her own investigation into the relationship between a missing neighbor, a large sum of money, and a suspicious fire.  

  • New Mysteries – January 2017

    Title:  Her Every Fear   Author:  Peter Swanson Release Date: January 10, 2017     ISBN: 9780062427045 Anxious to escape her troubled life in London, art student Kate Priddy agrees to temporarily switch apartments with a distant cousin in Boston. Once… Read More ›

  • Keigo Higashino // Under the Midnight Sun

    Matsuura swiveled his chair ninety degrees and opened the door of the cabinet next to his knee. Sasagaki saw several thick files standing on end. He was leaning forward to take a closer look when, out of the corner of… Read More ›

  • New Mysteries – December 2016

    Title: Crime and Catnip   Author: T.C. LoTempio Release Date:  December 06, 2016      ISBN: 9780425270226 Nora Charles and her clever cat, Nick, discover that cracking the case of a missing young woman could be the key to finding Nick’s… Read More ›

  • New Mysteries – November 2016

    Title:  Haunted Is Always in Fashion   Author: Rose Pressey Release Date:  November 29, 2016      ISBN: 9781496705532 Cookie agrees to meet with an author to discuss vintage fashion, but finds herself with another mystery to solve when the author is murdered on the way to their appointment…. Read More ›

  • New Mysteries – July 2016

    Title: The Woman in Cabin 10   Author: Ruth Ware Release Date:  July 19, 2016      ISBN:  9781501132933 While on assignment aboard a luxury cruise ship, a travel writer witnesses a woman being thrown overboard. But, when all passengers are accounted… Read More ›

  • New Mysteries – June 2016

    Title:  Written Off   Author:  E.J. Copperman Release Date:  June 14, 2016      ISBN: 9781629535999 Writer Rachel Goldman has just finished drafting her latest novel when she receives a phone call from a man claiming to be Duffy Madison, a consultant to the county… Read More ›

  • New Mysteries – May 2016

     Title:  The Singer from Memphis   Author:  Gary Corby Release Date:  May 17, 2016      ISBN: 9781616956684 An Athenian private investigator uncovers espionage and murder when he accompanies a Greek historian to Egypt to document the country’s history.    

  • Libby Cudmore // The Big Rewind

    But this tape wasn’t for me. It had a Binghamton postmark and was addressed to my downstairs neighbor, KitKat. She was a party on a purple ten-speed, a neat-banged brunette who baked red velvet cupcakes and pot brownies, read tarot,… Read More ›