Book Reviews For Mystery Lovers

Don’t just read mysteries—dig deeper into their history, structure, and impact

Guilty Parties

Mystery Women (v I, II, and III)

Whodunit: A Who’s Who in Crime and Mystery Writing

The New Bedside, Bathtub, and Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie

The Invention of Murder

The Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery

A is for Arsenic

Murder Ink

The Art of the Mystery Story

Murderess Ink

The Fine Art of Murder

Encyclopedia of Mystery & Detection

Encyclopedia Mysteriosa

The Golden Age of Murder


And for anyone interested in taking a stab at writing their own mystery…

Mystery Fiction: Theory & Technique

Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel

Secrets of the World’s Best-Selling Writer

Book of Poisons

Police Procedure & Investigation

The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery

Now Write! Mysteries

Forensics and Fiction

More Forensics and Fiction

Murder and Mayhem

Undisclosed Files of the Police

The Official Encyclopedia of Scotland Yard

Don’t Murder Your Mystery

Amateur Detectives

Missing Persons


You Can Write a Mystery

How to Write Killer Fiction

Writing Mysteries

Writing Detective and Mystery Fiction 




NOTE: This is by no means a comprehensive list of all books focusing on the mystery genre or on writing a mystery. This is simply a list of the ones I’ve read, enjoyed, and recommend.