Book Reviews For Mystery Lovers

Written Off book cover

Title:  Written Off   Author:  E.J. Copperman

Release Date:  June 14, 2016      ISBN: 9781629535999

Writer Rachel Goldman has just finished drafting her latest novel when she receives a phone call from a man claiming to be Duffy Madison, a consultant to the county prosecutor’s office—the same name and occupation as the sleuth Rachel created for her mystery novels. The man is trying to locate a missing woman, and asks Rachel for her help. Knowing she can’t possibly be talking to her Duffy Madison and annoyed by the man’s impersonation of him, Rachel declines to assist in his case by abruptly hanging up on him. She reconsiders when she learns his missing person could be the victim of a serial killer who is kidnapping and murdering mystery writers, and she could be next on his list.



Marriage, Monsters-In-Law and Murder book cover


Title: Marriage, Monsters-in-Law, and Murder    Author:  Sara Rosett

Release Date: June 28, 2016      ISBN: 9781617731471

Battling in-laws isn’t the only thing worrying Ellie Avery when she agrees to help with the last minute details for her sister-in-law’s lavish four-day destination wedding. Someone is playing malicious pranks on the bride. The obvious suspect is the groom’s beautiful but slightly unhinged ex-girlfriend, an unexpected guest that arrives on the arm of the best man. But when a mysterious death occurs amid the celebrations, Ellie wonders if her sister-in-law is in danger of more than just a few pranks.



Tea Cups and Carnage book cover


 Title: Tea Cups and Carnage  Author: Lynn Cahoon

Release Date:  June 7, 2016     ISBN:  9781601836328

Jill is caught up in another murder when Kathi Corbin, a charming stranger from Texas, relocates to South Cove and opens a shop specializing in tea-related items. Kathi claims she’s trying to put some space between her and her estranged family. Jill suspects there is more behind her motive for moving. When Kathi’s mysterious past refuses to keep its distance and a body is discovered at a local motel, Kathi stands accused. Jill steps in to catch the real killer and clear Kathi’s name.



Oliver Twisted book cover


Title: Oliver Twisted    Author: Cindy Brown

Release Date: June 21, 2016      ISBN: 9781635110418

Ivy Meadows and her PI uncle are hired by a book-themed cruise line to go undercover and investigate a string of onboard thefts. Ivy is beyond thrilled with the case: Her cover as an actor has gotten her a starring role in the ship’s production of Oliver Twist, there’s a hefty bonus for both her and her uncle if they find solid evidence identifying the ship’s thief, and the ship is en route to Hawaii.  But the plan starts to fall apart when her uncle is distracted by a suspicious female passenger and Ivy finds a dead body in the closet of her cabin.


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