New Mysteries – March 2016

Silenced in the Surf book cover

Title:  Silenced in the Surf   Author:  Kate Dyer-Seeley

Release Date:  March 29, 2016      ISBN:  9781617730023

Northwest Extreme reporter Meg Reed’s latest assignment is to cover the King of the Hook windsurfing competition at Hood River. While windsurfing on her own before the competition begins, Meg finds a body downriver on the rocks. The victim is a celebrity in the windsurfing world, but not a nice guy. To find the killer among his many enemies, Meg puts her investigative skills to use and begins asking questions. But will her questions get her killed?


And Then There Were Nuns book cover

Title:  And Then There Were Nuns  Author:  Kylie Logan

Release Date:  March 1, 2016      ISBN:  9780425282953

A group of ten nuns visit South Bass Island for a spiritual retreat. Someone on the island has something besides peace and serenity in mind, though. One nun is killed, then another. The chief of police asks B&B owner Bea Cartwright, who’s been taking meals to the island and has gained the nuns’ trust, to interview the sisters. One of them has to know something. Can Bea suss out the killer’s identity before another victim is claimed?


Lie in Plain Sight book cover

 Title:  Lie in Plain Sight  Author:  Maggie Barbieri

Release Date:  March 15, 2016     ISBN:  9781250073440

Bakery owner Maeve Conlon feels responsible when Taylor Dvorak, the teenage daughter of one her employees, goes missing. When a call came in from Taylor’s school saying Taylor was ill, her mom was on a delivery. Since Taylor had her own car, Maeve had given the nurse permission to let Taylor head home on her own. But she never arrived. She vanished. Feeling like there is more to Taylor’s disappearance, Maeve starts snooping around in her small town. She finds that there are many people in town with secrets to hide—including Taylor’s estranged parents. Could one of these secrets be the key to uncovering what really happened to Taylor?






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