New Mysteries – February 2016

The Big Brush Off book cover

Title:  The Big Brush-Off   Author:  Michael Murphy

Release Date:  February 9, 2016      ISBN:  B00XG9BTC0 (Kindle)

Book sales are down, and Jake Donovan’s editor is having serious doubts about Blackie Doyle’s future. Jake needs a break, so he and Laura make a quick escape to Hanover, PA. Jake once worked in the small town as a Pinkerton detective. The trip turns out to be just the thing to resolve his writing woes; investigating the unsolved murder of a teenager in the town provides inspiration, and soon Jake is writing like there’s no tomorrow. The townspeople aren’t happy to have the couple digging around, though. Someone in town is a murderer, and each step towards the truth puts Jake and Laura closer to danger.


Murder on Wheels book cover

Title:  Murder on Wheels   Author:  Lynn Cahoon

Release Date:  February 2, 2016      ISBN:  9781601834201

Not everyone in South Cove is overjoyed about the new food truck in town, but the truck’s owner, Kacey, is so excited to sell her gluten-free deserts to everyone that nothing can bring her down. She’s in high spirits, even when her truck is vandalized and her recipes are stolen. Unfortunately, someone is determined to keep Kasey out of business. When Kacey is found dead on the beach, Jill must track down a killer and clear her best friend, Sadie, from being the prime suspect.


A Disguise to Die For book cover

 Title:  A Disguise to Die For   Author:  Diane Vallere 

Release Date:  February 2, 2016     ISBN:  9780425278284

After her father has a heart attack, Margo Tamblyn returns to her hometown to run her family’s costume shop, Disguise DeLimit. Her first order is a big one—forty costumes for a detective-themed birthday party for the rich and egocentric Blitz Manners. The party’s over, though, when Margo’s friend, Ebony, is found holding a carving knife and standing over Blitz’s body. Ebony flees town, which only makes her look more suspicious. Margo is intent on proving that Ebony didn’t commit the crime for which she is accused, and begins her own investigation.







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