New Mysteries – September 2015

This Month’s Novels of Interest


Booked for Trouble book cover

Title:  Booked for Trouble    Author: Eva Gates

Release Date: September 1, 2015      ISBN: 9780451470942

Lucy Richardson has happily settled into her new life on Bodie Island; at least, until her blissfully carefree world is shaken by the unexpected arrival of her mother. Suzanne Richardson intends to bring her daughter home, back to both Boston and Lucy’s ex-fiancé. When Suzanne picks a public fight with an old classmate, whose body is found the next morning, any arguments about returning home are put on hold. With the police eyeing Suzanne as the prime suspect, Lucy begins her own investigation to clear her mother’s name.


Trick of Deceit book cover

Title: Trick or Deceit    Author:  Shelley Freydont

Release Date: September 1, 2015      ISBN: 9780425281475

It’s almost Halloween in Celebration Bay, and the town is celebrating with a contest to name its official Haunted House. Competition is fierce, motivated by a $10,000 prize. When the winner is announced, though, not everyone is happy with the judge’s pick. The winning house is soon vandalized and among the macabre mess is the body of one of the contest judges. A suspect is quickly taken in for questioning, but the clues don’t add up for the town’s Event Coordinator, Liv Montgomery.


Come Hell or Highball book cover

Title: Come Hell or Highball      Author: Maia Chance

Release Date: September 15, 2015     ISBN: 9781250067876

Lola Woodby, recently widowed and blindsided by the inheritance of her dearly departed husband’s mountains of debt instead of his wealth, reluctantly accepts an offer from one of his former girls-on-the-side to retrieve a reel of film. A simple task for the amount of money being offered, Lola reasons—until the reel disappears and the man previously in possession of it is murdered. Determined to earn the promised fee, Lola and her Swedish cook (who refuses to leave Lola’s side until back wages have been paid) enter into a madcap race to find the reel before the killer does.







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