Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham // Mr. Kiss and Tell

Mr. Kiss and Tell boo cover
For a moment, she faced the closed door, her hand still lingering on the knob. Then, pasting a cool, businesslike smile on her face, she turned around to face her potential client.


Title: Mr. Kiss and Tell
Author: Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham
Publisher: Vintage Books, January 20, 2015
Format/Source: eBook provided from publisher via Netgalley*
ISBN: 9780804170727
Series:  Veronica Mars


A young woman is found on the edge of town, beaten and left for dead but still alive. The last thing she remembers is entering a stairwell at the Neptune Grand. The numerous security cameras at the ritzy hotel recorded every moment she was there, until the second she disappeared behind the stairwell’s door. When the victim claims to have regained some of her memories and points the finger at a Neptune Grand employee, the hotel hires Veronica Mars to find out if the hotel is liable. With a victim that is withholding information and the hotel keeping its guest list on lockdown, Veronica has her work cut out for her.
The case slowly begins to become personal for Veronica, bringing to the surface the memories of her own attack years earlier. And, as it was then, the local sheriff is unwilling to provide any true assistance. Her investigation leads her to an unexpected suspect, setting off a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse; to win, Veronica must decide how far she is willing to go to expose the truth and stop the culprit from attacking again.



  • That Veronica Sass – This is really a love it or hate it thing. Some people have told me they find Veronica’s character to be more of a smart mouth than a feisty firecracker that’s brave enough to say exactly what she’s thinking. I am firmly on the love it side, and was pleased to find that her voice (and attitude) is as strong as ever in this novel.
  • The Hook – The prologue pulled me in, though I’m not sure exactly why. Frank Kozlowski never factors into the story again and it’s nothing more than him finding an unconscious girl in an abandoned lot, but the writing in those short 6 pages is tight and harmonious. It pulled my interest just enough to endure the first few chapters of courtroom boredom, until the mystery of the girl picked up again in Chapter 4.
  • The Puzzle – How does someone, whose every movement is being documented on film, vanish? How does she walk through a door and end up in an empty lot on the edge of town, with none of the security cameras of the building she was in catching her leaving it? The victim can’t remember who smuggled her out of the hotel or how. The extensive security footage is filled with people coming and going, but no one that looks even remotely suspicious. How does someone move a body out of a hotel without anyone (housekeeping, desk clerks, guests) seeing it?



  • The Need To Already Know Veronica – If you haven’t watched the television series or the movie, there’s a lot you might miss. Veronica mentions several moments that have happened in the past, both to her and in Neptune’s history, that could render some of the story’s events less impactful.



Maybe. If you’re a Marshmallow, it’s a must read; you’re going to love it. If you haven’t seen the series or movie, the many references to events in both might be confusing. Because of this, I’m not sure I would consider this a novel that could truly be read as a stand-alone. Before reading Mr. Kiss and Tell, I already knew the characters and their pasts intimately; the experience could be drastically different for someone who didn’t. However, not everyone requires a bunch of background in their reading. If that sounds like you, I would say to go ahead and give this intriguing mystery with noire-ish touches a shot.



This is the second in the Veronica Mars series. If you are planning to read the previous novel in this series, The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line, be warned that Mr. Kiss and Tell does contain some spoilers for events that took place in that novel.



* I received a free copy of this eBook from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.




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