Lea Wait // Twisted Threads

Twisted Threads book coverMama used to say I was born at high tide; and when the doctor lifted me up to show me the ocean, I stopped crying. The first thing she’d done when she saw me was kiss the birthmark on my shoulder. She had a matching one on hers. We were linked.


Title: Twisted Threads
Author: Lea Wait
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp, January 06, 2015
Format/Source: eBook provided from publisher via Netgalley*
ISBN:  9781617730047
Series:  Mainely Needlepoint


Nineteen years have passed since Angela Curtis’s mother vanished from their small town of Haven Harbor, Maine. Angela, only nine-years-old at the time, has never forgotten the loss she felt when her mother disappeared, or the sting of the insinuations that the impetuous young mother had run off and abandoned her child. Now, her mother’s body has been discovered and a killer identified. Returning to the home she once fled from, to put both her mother’s body and the rumors to rest, should provide closure, but something doesn’t feel right. The suspected killer has already passed away, taking any answers for her mother’s murder to his grave. Angela won’t be satisfied until she knows for sure what happened to her mother, and why she had to die.

Her investigation is pushed aside when a more pressing matter comes to light; a con man has scammed the Mainely Needlepointers, a struggling needlepoint business run by her grandmother that provides off-season income for several other members of the Haven Harbor community. When he dies in her grandmother’s home, the police suspect foul play. Angela thinks there is a connection between the man’s death and her mother’s cold case; if she can solve his murder, will she finally find out the truth about what happened the day her mother disappeared?



  • Angela’s Haven Harbor, Past & Present – One of the things Wait does best in this novel is weave together Angela’s memories of her childhood growing up in Haven Harbor with her present experiences after her return. Through her eyes, the reader becomes more intimately connected to the history of the other characters. Additionally, this provides an opportunity for Angela to introduce the reader to her mother via flashbacks and show that, while she was promiscuous, her mother was also a very vibrant and caring person that loved Angela greatly.
  • The Needlepoint Snippets – Each chapter begins with an item related to the needlepointing craft. Sometimes it is a quote or an excerpt from a story, other times it is a brief historical passage. This is a subtle touch that really showcases the impact of needlepoint through the years.
  • Haven Harbor – From the scent of steaming lobster to its mud flats and rocky beaches, the small Maine town of Haven Harbor is a place drenched in atmosphere and history.
  • The Mystery’s Buildup – Wait has paced her narrative nicely, slowly building up to the big reveal at the end of the novel. Well-placed distractions keep the reader guessing and the plot, while not action-packed, is engaging.



  • The Con Man – Jacques Lattimore is a disappointing character. He is found way too easily, and I expected him to be more of a savvy smooth-talker and less of a wimp. Luckily, he is dispatched with rather quickly. Compared to the novel’s other mystery (Jenny Curtis’s cold case), Jacques’s murder is tedious.



Yes. The characters are comfortable, the setting is charming, and the mystery of what happened to Angela’s mother is well-executed.



First in the Mainely Needlepoint series.  



* I received a free copy of this eBook from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.




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